Raspberry Pi Overclock Optimized Image for Innosilicon A2 Scrypt ASIC Miners

  Time:2022-09-25 03:13:55
『optimizer adam』.Raspberry Pi Overclock Optimized Image for Innosilicon A2 Scrypt ASIC Miners|SomethingveryinterestingforthepeoplewithInnosiliconA2-basedScryptASICminers,aRaspberryPiimagebasedon


Something very interesting for the people with Innosilicon A2-based Scrypt ASIC miners, a Raspberry Pi image based on the original Innosilicon web-based interface, but with much more options for setting the operating frequency of the miner. This release by a user called Emdje should be compatible with both the smaller and the large A2 Scrypt ASIC miners allowing the users to set the operating frequency of the chip boards available between 1200 MHz and 1330 MHz, in increments of 5 MHz. This allows for some fine tuning to reach better performance balancing the performance and HW error rate optimally for your own mining hardware, as the default RPi image for the A2 miners from Innisilicon limits you to either 1000 MHz or 1200 MHz setting for the frequency. And an operating frequency of more than 1200 MHz with no significant increase in the number of HW errors is easily achievable as these A2-based miners are operating very cool and can be pushed some more. And who would not wan to get some extra hashrate from the existing mining hardware…

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